Buried Hatchet Tool Company

Reclaimed, Local, Handcrafted Est. 2014

Credit Where Credit is Due

Before anything else, it is necessary to recognize two people who were key to making Buried Hatchet more than just an idea.

Weston Brinkley is a great friend and has brought perspective and technical skill to the process of developing Buried Hatchet from start to finish. Weston has an entrepreneurial and creative business savvy and has been a valuable and supportive partner in all of our collaborations.


Rush Fay is an incredibly talented graphic designer, and is responsible for making our bad-ass logo out of the scribble I gave him on a post-it note. Having relocated to Seattle all the way from New Zealand, he brings an impeccable sense of aesthetic and style to everything he does. Oh, and he's my cousin.

Thank you both for all the help!