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Reclaimed, Local, Handcrafted Est. 2014

The Cowboy Trail

A shot from Canada route AB-22 (the Cowboy Trail), summer 2014. @eddingsb and I made a 15-day road trip out of it, heading from Seattle and making it as far as Spokane that first night. Thanks to a "Roaring Start Breakfast" the next morning we got off on the right foot and headed to Whitefish, MT and over the next two weeks cruised through the western side of Glacier National Park before crossing out of the park on the east side and up into Canada. The Cowboy Trail took us north until near Calgary where we headed west again and spent time in Banff and Jasper before making our way back home by way of Kamloops, B.C. The Cowboy Trail was everything I had hoped it would be--remote and beautiful, the kind of place that draws you in.