Buried Hatchet Tool Company

Reclaimed, Local, Handcrafted Est. 2014

THe Process

I individually source each used axe and hatchet head. Careful selection includes only those without damage that would compromise their integrity and utility. I aim for a high polish on the heads without trying to remove every scratch or nick. The result is a clean, restored head that looks finished but not new. The edges are honed by hand until they will shave hair off my arm.

I fit each head with a new Hickory handle and secure it using Poplar and steel wedges. While it is natural for wooden handles to shrink and swell with conditions, the season, and age, the fit is designed to provide a rock-solid hold over years of use without loosening. 

The handles are finished with Teak or Linseed oil and either left natural or given some accents of paint in the Buried Hatchet colors (red, sky blue, and brown) — or occasionally other colors including Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Blaze Orange. I am open to discussing ways to customize your piece if desired.

 Custom CNC brand with the Buried Hatchet initials.

Custom CNC brand with the Buried Hatchet initials.

The sheaths are made of full grain leather and constructed using solid copper rivets and copper or brass fittings. I love the look of the copper, and the solid copper allows for a hammered finish that will not wear off with time and use. Each sheath is designed specifically to the tool it was created for, ensuring a perfect fit. The finished sheaths are treated with Neatsfoot oil to help preserve the water repellency of the leather. 

Please get in touch for product inquires, to find out what I currently have in stock, or to discuss designing your customized axe or hatchet.