Buried Hatchet Tool Company

Reclaimed, Local, Handcrafted Est. 2014

The Story

My love of tools started before I could pronounce most of their names — watching my dad clear land in the woods of North Carolina and build the timber frame house I grew up in.

When I was still young, my family moved across the country to Washington State and I have not looked back since. The Pacific Northwest is home.

I love the mountains.

I love the massive scale of the woods here, and the grit of the people who lived and worked in them when there wasn’t much else around.


Based in Seattle, I am inspired by the growing generation of makers here — people bringing back the quality and pride of locally made goods designed to go with you wherever your next adventure leads. Goods truly made to last a lifetime.

In the fall of 2014, I had the opportunity to take enough time away from the routine of work and life to explore the possibility of starting something creative of my own — Buried Hatchet Tool Company.

Buried Hatchet Tool Company is primarily about doing something I love. Working with wood and metal, creating something equally beautiful and useful. Restoring tools to their fully functional former glory without losing the patina of years in service.